14″ Coil, GPZ14


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This GPZ 14 inch coil is one of the premier options on the market. It is compatible with multiple Minelab metal detector models and this versatility is unrivaled on the current market. At 14 inches, it is also one of the largest options available. This means that its large surface area will allow it to cover a tremendous amount of ground very quickly. This means that this coil can identify hidden treasures that other coil options might miss. In addition, it has been engineered with only the highest quality materials that provide it with unparalleled durability and longevity. This coil will last for a long time when compared to other models. Those who are looking for a larger coil head for their Minelab metal detector should give this 14″ Coil (GPZ14) a try. It will not disappoint and has the ability to improve metal detecting abilities.

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